We know that most families aren’t as familiar with Cultural Care Au Pair versus daycare or nannies—but don’t let the “mystery” of our program discourage you from considering an au pair! Below are some of the common questions we frequently hear from parents.

I’m worried about losing privacy. How do families handle this?

This is a common concern, but one that usually disappears after an au pair arrives. Because an au pair becomes an extended part of your family—many families liken their au pair to an older niece or daughter—it will soon feel “normal” for her to live with you. Au pairs are entitled to a private bedroom so that they have their own space during off-duty time. (Privacy is important for them as well.) They also tend to spend much of their off-duty time with friends, taking classes and exploring new places.

What happens if it doesn’t work out with my au pair?

Cultural and personality differences account for the majority of conflicts and can usually be resolved through better communication and with the help of your local childcare consultant (LCC). If your incompatibilities cannot be worked out, you may decide to continue the program with a new au pair, in which case we will work with you to find a better match as soon as possible.

What is expected of me as a host family?

In addition to the qualifications required by the U.S. Department of State and Cultural Care Au Pair, host families should be prepared to embrace the cultural exchange spirit of the program. This means welcoming your pair as you would an extended family member and helping her adjust once she arrives. You may need to explain household rules and routines not all at once but more than once. Asking how her day was, being thoughtful on holidays and her birthday, and including her in family meals will go a long way to making her feel welcome and supported in your family. While the needs of your children are of the utmost importance, it is also important that au pairs receive the benefits of an exchange experience.

What type of household duties can au pairs help with?

Au pairs can help with household duties related to the children including the kids’ laundry, meal preparation and tidying their rooms. Your au pair can also pitch in, as any family member would, with chores that everyone shares, like helping to load the dishwasher after a family dinner and picking up after herself around the house. Au pairs’ responsibilities around the house should be reasonable and should not include heavy duty cleaning.

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